Closed or Open: A True Story

I collected and put away today’s yield from the home garden. Four turnips and a radish. Still waiting on most of the winter plants to start producing, and it’s a first season growing everything from seed, so there’s a lot that could still go wrong in the garden. Left the house, and started walking to … Continue reading Closed or Open: A True Story

Lemonade out of Lemons

You’ve heard the saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” It means you should try to make the best of a bad situation. For example, if you’re sheltered in place during a global pandemic, you can use the opportunity to read easygoing, light-hearted books like Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, or Signs Preceding … Continue reading Lemonade out of Lemons

100 Years Ago Today: The More Things Change…

A brash Republican leader with real estate expertise, questionable ethics, a gift for snarky nicknames, and a stunning political victory over a heavily-favored opponent three years earlier, sued a liberal newspaper for libel in a fit of pique after the publication mocked the leader’s failed business dealings. Sound plausible? It happened one hundred years ago … Continue reading 100 Years Ago Today: The More Things Change…

Cherimoya Schmerimoya

You haven't heard of the cherimoya?!!? How many of you just clicked the link, got TERRIFIED by the dense, technical writing, and immediately gave up? I did, too. So consider that a little "joke" between us. This guy intimidates me but his enthusiasm is appropriate for the subject. Seriously, he scares me to my core … Continue reading Cherimoya Schmerimoya

I Hope You Hate Tax Season, Too. Let’s Party!

It’s February. Efficient taxpayers already have their 1099s alphabetized and receipts numbered legibly. They’ll finish their tax return(s) in an afternoon and be disappointed they’re done until next year. Not me. I hate taxes. Every boring step and horrible document. Like those stupid perforated forms that are impossible to open without ripping the damn thing … Continue reading I Hope You Hate Tax Season, Too. Let’s Party!

Tax Advice for People Who Hate Doing Their Taxes, Part II of Infinity

This post is for anyone who thinks tax returns are modern torture devices: very painful and request waaayyy too much information. Legalese, finance, minutiae and numbers aren’t my thing, either. And I was a CPA in public accounting for 5 years. So take heart. If I can learn this stuff, you can, too. Like an … Continue reading Tax Advice for People Who Hate Doing Their Taxes, Part II of Infinity