South Park SD: Beautiful San Diego!

A Target store stares greedily across its football field of a parking lot at The Big Kitchen, which leans, politically speaking, slightly to the left of Karl Marx. The buildings' adjacent spots, at the elbowed intersections of Fern and Grape Streets, represent the tension of this neighborhood's history. Artists, musicians, and those on the fringes … Continue reading South Park SD: Beautiful San Diego!

South Park SD: Burmese Monk Mural

Street artist Shepard Fairey is best known for creating President Barack Obama's iconic '08 "Hope" image. In 2010, he painted a 3-story mural on the North wall of the Ivy Street shared-office building in South Park SD. The work has received more than a little press: In "Tripbucket" here.Click here for a mention in Tricycle: … Continue reading South Park SD: Burmese Monk Mural

South Park SD: Welcome!

Lots of ways to greet people at your door. "Hello. May I help you?" "Get your @%!#s in here!""Salutations. Please depart the premises.""And how long might you be staying?" All winners depending entirely on who just knocked. There is another, more joyous, deliberately care-full (and I mean that word just the way it was intended, … Continue reading South Park SD: Welcome!

South Park SD: Minerva’s Community

Who says art and business can't be bffs? Walk eastward across South Park SD on Beech Street from 28th Street, at stately Balboa Park, towards tree-lined Fern Street. At the intersection with busy 30th Street, you will be suddenly greeted by the Goddess of Wisdom and Strength. The Romans called her "Minerva." She's encircled clockwise … Continue reading South Park SD: Minerva’s Community