South Park SD: Burmese Monk Mural

Street artist Shepard Fairey is best known for creating President Barack Obama's iconic '08 "Hope" image. In 2010, he painted a 3-story mural on the North wall of the Ivy Street shared-office building in South Park SD. The work has received more than a little press: In "Tripbucket" here.Click here for a mention in Tricycle: … Continue reading South Park SD: Burmese Monk Mural

South Park SD: Welcome!

Lots of ways to greet people at your door. "Hello. May I help you?" "Get your @%!#s in here!""Salutations. Please depart the premises.""And how long might you be staying?" All winners depending entirely on who just knocked. There is another, more joyous, deliberately care-full (and I mean that word just the way it was intended, … Continue reading South Park SD: Welcome!

South Park SD: Minerva’s Community

Who says art and business can't be bffs? Walk eastward across South Park SD on Beech Street from 28th Street, at stately Balboa Park, towards tree-lined Fern Street. At the intersection with busy 30th Street, you will be suddenly greeted by the Goddess of Wisdom and Strength. The Romans called her "Minerva." She's encircled clockwise … Continue reading South Park SD: Minerva’s Community