Balboa Park: The San Diego Tree Man’s Hidden Treasure

Have you ever wished someone would write a step-by-step guide through Balboa Park so you could learn its plants and trees? Chauncy Jerabek, known as "The San Diego Tree Man," made that wish come true... over 80 years ago. In beautiful Balboa Park there are crowded many interesting plants from nearly every country of the … Continue reading Balboa Park: The San Diego Tree Man’s Hidden Treasure

Balboa Park: The Bunya-Bunya Trees

Bunya-bunya. How can you NOT love that name? Bunya-bunya trees are evergreens, native to Australia and impossible to confuse with anything else ( Southeastern corner of Golden Hill Park, aka the southeastern corner of Balboa Park Credit Miss Kate Sessions with their presence in Southern California. "The name 'Bunya' comes from the aboriginal name for … Continue reading Balboa Park: The Bunya-Bunya Trees

San Diego Symphony 2/21/20: Breathtaking

The San Diego Symphony, conducted by Music Director Rafael Payare, performed Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major, with soloist Stefan Jackiw, and Shostakovich's Symphony No. 11 in G minor to a packed house at Copley Symphony Hall. The ensemble was so moving that the final applause didn't waiver until every instrumental section was acknowledged separately. … Continue reading San Diego Symphony 2/21/20: Breathtaking

You Gotta Hear this Quartet

Jazz is a conversation. And the Gilbert Castellanos Quartet offers among the most playful and earnest discussions you’ll overhear in San Diego. Sunday, February 16th, “GC” and his group performed at a packed 950 Lounge, at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley, from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Quartet members were Castellanos on trumpet, and Joshua White, … Continue reading You Gotta Hear this Quartet

South Park SD: Beautiful San Diego!

A Target store stares greedily across its football field of a parking lot at The Big Kitchen, which leans, politically speaking, slightly to the left of Karl Marx. The buildings' adjacent spots, at the elbowed intersections of Fern and Grape Streets, represent the tension of this neighborhood's history. Artists, musicians, and those on the fringes … Continue reading South Park SD: Beautiful San Diego!

South Park SD: The Weight of a Catapult

Last night I joined 2 dozen other avid readers at The Book Catapult, in South Park SD, to discuss The Weight of a Piano by Chris Cander. Catapult co-owner Seth Marko was the group's therapist. It began innocently as a few of us, mostly familiar to one another, took our usual places at ten minutes … Continue reading South Park SD: The Weight of a Catapult

Cherimoya Schmerimoya

You haven't heard of the cherimoya?!!? How many of you just clicked the link, got TERRIFIED by the dense, technical writing, and immediately gave up? I did, too. So consider that a little "joke" between us. This guy intimidates me but his enthusiasm is appropriate for the subject. Seriously, he scares me to my core … Continue reading Cherimoya Schmerimoya