About Me

I’m a wannabe writer using this blog to build my skills.

My wife and I have been married since August ’96 and love laughing together, cooking, and talking walks. We moved to San Diego in December ’14 for its weather, beaches, and small-town feel.

Professionally, I have been a so-so psychotherapist and sorry CPA. Was a half-decent tour guide and still a middling musician. I love exercising, being outdoors, and gardening, and adore Balboa Park.


While deciding what to write here, I felt cold and wandered around my modest home for five minutes looking for something warm to wear. I hunted for my tattered NY Giants sweatshirt, a 1987 Christmas gift from an older brother.

I spent a full three hundred seconds searching for the thing. There were only a few places in the house it could reasonably have been “hiding.” I rummaged every room before telling myself to get over it, live with the chill, and get back to work.

The sweatshirt was waiting for me on the back of the chair I was sitting in when deciding what to write here.

Now you know me.


If you want to contact me: southparksdblog@gmail.com