The End

To the roughly 90 of you who have supported this blog, thank you!

This will be my last post as I have decided to shut down the site in the coming weeks. It started as a labor of love, and has gradually felt like less love and more labor.

Thank you for your interest, likes and kind comments.

Hope you are well.

18 thoughts on “The End

  1. Well that’s a bummer. I always enjoy the information and use it to go out and identify the plants in bloom. Thank you for sharing your passion.

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  2. Well that’s a bummer. I always enjoy the information and use it to go out and identify the plants in bloom. Thank you for sharing your passion.


  3. I appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing your passion with me. When something becomes more of a chore than a joy, it sours you. That frustration can carry over into other parts of your life. I know you will still see the beauty, as I do.
    Thought of you today when I was walking in the southern part of the magnolia grove and saw that the newer magnolias are pushing sprouts of leaves.
    Gramma calls every tree with red flowers an African Firewheel, after I shared that blog post with her. She’s 94. If she wants to call them that, then that’s what they will be called!
    I hope that, after you’ve regrouped, you’ll surprise us with an encore or two.
    Thanks again!

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  4. We will miss you… Your wanderings and insights into our wonderful corner of San Diego has been a terrific tonic. Enjoy stepping away to continue wandering for your own curiosities with no obligatory analysis!!!!

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  5. Will miss your labor of love. Will miss the extensive labor you so generously devoted to enhance my knowledge of the flowering trees in the lovely Balboa Park; will miss your unquestionable love for the beautiful trees, for your neighbours, Balboa Park, and San Diego. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Stay healthy and well. And thank you.

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  6. Awww, sorry to see this end, but totally get it. Thank you fir what you did post and look forward to any future posts you through out there when the call moves you. Thank you.

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  7. Thank you so much for your Balboa posts and glimpses into your world. Your Balboa posts inspired me to explore further and look closer at my surroundings. Every single time I see a Naked Coral Tree I think about this blog and how it was the only resource I could find to help me identify what I was looking at after I moved to San Diego.
    I completely understand your decision and wish you health and happiness.

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    1. Your response is one of the things that will stay with me long after the post is gone. Thank you.


  8. Maintaining a blog is a heavy task, you have to keep your freedom, to continue or stop, to write, to read or not. Thank you for the good readings and for the endless blooming of the Balboa park.

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  9. I will miss your Balboa photos and accompanying info very much. I’ve appreciated learning more about the park than just my visits have given me.
    I wish you much luck in your future endeavors. Keep writing, keep taking pictures, and keep your grand sense of humor!
    All the best to you.

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