Confessions of an Everyday Narcissist: Introduction

Welcome back to The Complete Guide to Misery. Each post in this absurd series promotes a different form of human suffering, and encourages readers to adopt self-destructive habits that will bring them mountains of anguish. This silliness is intended to be satire, not self-help. However, if readers’ lives are enriched in some way beyond laughter, all the better.

Confessions of a Narcissist: Where Would I Be Without Me? teaches the skills needed to become an egomaniac, for all those humble souls who yearn to be more self-important.   

It is also written for everyone who wants to laugh at the serially self-absorbed people in their lives. You know the type. The ones who respond to everything you share by talking about themselves. Again.

Despite the attempts at humor, this work is not meant to make light of the pain that blood-filled people experience daily by the world’s myriad forms of injustice. Nor is it meant to encourage any form of public shaming.

That written, let’s face it, some people are such self-referencing victims that they’ll assume every post is written to attack them personally.







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