The Summer of Our Discontent

We’re getting close to the end of daylight saving(s) time this year. Remains to be seen if we’re getting close to the end of it as an institution.

Anyway, I’m one of those who needs the reminder about the time change. Not because I don’t know that I’m supposed to adjust every clock in my life a couple times a year. That includes the timepiece on my electric car’s charger that I still haven’t figure out after three years, so I just let it be wrong for months at a time.

No, I need the reminder because I can’t remember which direction the clock is supposed to go each time.

Maybe some of you are familiar with a catchy phrase that involves falling in one direction and leaping in another. “Spring back, fall forward” or something like that.

You know things are grim when your only mnemonic device is confusing.

But the whole enterprise got me thinking of seasons. How each carries connotations. Autumn or Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer each have their emotional baggage.

And so I’ve been wondering what would happen if one replaced the name of one season with another in popular titles.



  • I Know What You Did Last Winter – yes, everyone stayed indoors and did not get into trouble.
  • Wet, Hot American Autumn – least attended movie ever.
  • 500 Days of Spring –  doesn’t sound so bad.
  • The Lion in Summer – was very, very hot and lounged about in the shade whenever possible.
  • My Winter of Love – the story of most people’s romantic histories.



  • The Summer of Our Discontent – changes the tenor of Steinbeck’s classic tale.
  • Silent Autumn – makes Rachel Carson’s warning about pesticides a bit less menacing.
  • The Fall of the Patriarch – doesn’t change the season but gives a definite thrust to the storyline.
  • A Midautumn Night’s Dream – kind of muddies the wonder of the Bard’s play, doesn’t it?



  • The Boys of Winter – are all in their Florida mansions dreading Spring Training.
  • Summer Leaves – just sit there. They don’t fall, they don’t change. Boring.
  • Winter in New York – is cold and no one does anything because there’s slush everywhere.
  • Winter of ’69 – takes the joy right out of Bryan Adams’ nostalgic hit.
  • Girls in Their Winter Clothes – and suddenly The Boss’ hit is a little less visually interesting.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more dysfunction!

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