Balboa Park in Bloom: June

Take a break from Netflix and enjoy a look at Balboa Park’s flowering trees. You’ll learn a few fun facts about each and get a couple surprises along the way.

The Balboa Park trees in bloom during June are:

  • Tipuana Tipu
  • Gold Medallion
  • Beestill
  • Mexican Palo Verde
  • Markhamia
  • Australian Willow
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Cockspur Coral
  • Jacaranda
  • Magnolia
  • Sweetshade
  • Australian Flame Tree


Tipuana Tipu

Location(s) in Balboa Park: EVERYWHERE, but especially in South Park. Huge specimen south of Juniper and 6th.

  • Native of Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.
  • Partly Deciduous (leafless)
  • Aliases: Tipu Tree; Rosewood; Pride of Bolivia

I’m partial to these trees because they make the little village of South Park (San Diego, not the cartoon) so quaint. Don’t believe a tree can make that kind of difference? Check out my post: “The Trees of Fern Street.”


Gold Medallion

Location(s) in Balboa Park: Morley Field Parking Lot; Lawn Bowling Greens.

  • Native of Brazil
  • Partly Deciduous (leafless)
  • This is a common street tree around San Diego.



Location(s) in Balboa Park: Lawn Bowling Greens; Prado Restaurant lawn.

  • Native of Mexico and Central America.
  • Evergreen.
  • Aliases: Yellow Oleander; Lucky Nut.


Mexican Palo Verde

Location(s) in Balboa Park: Desert Garden; Balboa Park Club.

  • Native of Southwestern United States and Mexico.
  • Deciduous (leafless)
  • Aliases: Jerusalem Thorn.



Location(s) in Balboa Park: Museum of Natural History; Former Hall of Champions.

  • Native of Tropical Africa.
  • Evergreen.
  • Aliases: Gold Markhamia; Yellow Bell Bean Tree.


Seen enough yellow flowers yet?


SURPRISE! The Lily Pond is in Bloom.


Australian Willow

Location(s) in Balboa Park: President’s Way.

  • Native of Australia.
  • Evergreen.
  • Aliases: Wilga.


Crepe Myrtle

Location(s) in Balboa Park: Plaza de Panama; Old Globe.

  • Native of China.
  • Deciduous (leafless)
  • Aliases: Crape Myrtle; Pride of India; Queen of Flowers.
  • Varieties: Glendora White, Near East, Seminole and Watermelon Red.


Cockspur Coral

Location(s) in Balboa Park: Model Railroad Museum parking lot.

  • Native of South America.
  • Partly Deciduous (leafless).
  • Aliases: Crybaby Tree; Fireman’s Cap Tree.



Location(s) in Balboa Park: EVERYWHERE. Also El Prado just east of 6th Avenue.

  • Native of Brazil.
  • Partly Deciduous (leafless).
  • Aliases: Blue Trumpet Tree; Blue Jacaranda; Mimosa; Fern Tree; Black Poui; Blue Jacaranda; Blue Trumpet Tree.


Guess Who?

Details in next month’s Balboa Park in Bloom!



Location(s) in Balboa Park: West of Balboa Drive from Quince to Grape Streets; Morley Field; Palm Canyon.

  • Native of Southeastern United States.
  • Evergreen.
  • Aliases: Southern Magnolia; Bull Bay.



Location(s) in Balboa Park: Marston Point; Redwood Circle.

  • Native of Australia
  • Evergreen.
  • No known aliases.


Australian Flame Tree

Location(s) in Balboa Park: Carousel parking lot.

  • Native of Australia.
  • Partly deciduous.
  • Aliases: Flame Bottle Tree; Flame Tree; Illawarra Flame Tree.


Fascinating and funky trees from around the world have been a constant in Balboa Park ever since 1892, when Kate Sessions leased some space there for her nursery business. They provide an ever-changing display of color and form on a scale you won’t find anywhere else.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!




2. Kathy Puplava and Paul Sirois, Trees and Gardens of Balboa Park, (San Diego, CA: Tecolote Publications, 2001).

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