Balboa Park in Bloom: The Best of 2020

During the holidays, some people like to reflect on the past year.

No, thank you. Please pass the booze.

Okay, it was a challenging year, but surely we can set aside some time to apprec…

Seriously, where’s that rum? This eggnog isn’t gonna knock me out all by itself.


As difficult as 2020 was for so many, it can be helpful to take a moment to find something to enjoy from the past year.

Here in San Diego, we’re fortunate to have access to Balboa Park, which contains thousands of flowering trees from around the world.

Please join me in a look at Balboa Park in Bloom‘s Best of 2020!


Flowering Peach

African Tulip

Naked Coral

Flowering Plum

Strawberry Snowball

Trunk of a Floss Silk. Yeah, go ahead and climb…

Brazilian Coral

Helen Borcher Flowering Peach

Magnolia. From the age of the dinosaurs.

Speaking of prehistoric animals…


South African Coral

Trunk of Australian Tea Tree. How’s that for architecture?


Red Flowering Gum

Kapok (aka cotton balls) on a Floss Silk

Australian Flame

Tea Trees


Pink Trumpet


Gold Medallion

Cape Chestnut


African Tulip

Floss Silk

Cockspur Coral


If you’d like to learn more about the trees pictured above, just go to the “Balboa Park” section of this site ( and check out all the monthly “Balboa Park in Bloom” posts.

You can check out the rest of the Balboa Park in Bloom collection to discover UNIQUE surprises about the park’s history! That’s no hyperbole.

For example, check out this EXCLUSIVE post about a special tour of the park’s flora, written by one of its early foreman.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!!

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