What Would You Do, San Diego?

The San Diego Moose Lodge, at 1648 30th Street, has been largely unused since it caught fire February 10th, 2010. It was sold by the Moose organization in 2018. See the San Diego Uptown News’ February 21, 2020 edition for more about the property.


I approached people at a few gatherings over the last months with the following thought experiment:

“If you had final say over what becomes of the Moose Lodge on 30th and Date Streets, money and resources no object, what would you make it?”

Here are the responses:

  • A bar and restaurant. They’ve already got a liquor license.
  • A performance venue. It’s a huge location. It could host events and has a bar. Proceeds from the venues could be used to support non-profit, community based efforts.
  • Some sort of community center.
  • A multi-use space. I’d gut the thing. Underground parking garage, first floor with retail and 2 stories of residential above.
  • A recreation center with a pool.
  • A park. A green space. A little gathering place.
  • A coffee shop.
  • Some sort of community center. This from a different person than the same statement above.
  • A park with an ampitheater that could hold outdoor concerts.
  • A Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.
  • Fro-Yo. That’s frozen yogurt for the uninitiated.
  • Some sort of community center. Third time’s a charm.
  • A school. A music school.
  • An Ace Hardware.
  • A co-op of some sort.
  • An art space.


So, San Diego, what would you do?


Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “What Would You Do, San Diego?

  1. Why do you have to go so far for a frozen yogurt? It’s either all the way down 28th to National, or to Hillcrest. Same with a bank or credit union. At least we have a close pharmacy now. Enough coffee houses.

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    1. So funny you’d write that. My wife was sure I was messing with her when she read your comment. She is the one who recommended Fro-yo for my original post.
      Thank you for commenting!


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